Our 'Bad Buoy' mason jar tumbler is an eco-friendly & cheeky way to share your love for all things nautical. Whether your sailing the waters of the Pacific Ocean or you just wish you were, a mason jar tumbler is the perfect spill-proof, earth friendly cup for all of your adventures. Get your recommended 8 glasses of water or pour your favorite drink into this nautical inspired reusable tumbler!

Earth friendly, sustainable alternative to reusable plastic water bottles

Endlessly recyclable & surprisingly durable

Beverages taste much better in glass than in plastic or stainless steel

No nasty toxins like BPA leaching from plastic into your drinks

A glass mason jar is the healthiest choice for your body & the environment

Great for travel, just throw a flat wide mouth canning lid under the straw lid of your drinking jar and it's instantly sealed & leak-proof

This set includes: One custom mason jar tumbler w/matching BPA free straw &straw lid

Bad Buoy' Mason Jar Tumbler