Product Features

Technology for Pain-Relief: Our innovative Convertible Hip-Seat Carrier relieves carrier related back and shoulder pain at the click of a button. You can easily redistribute weight from your shoulders to your waist.

Ergonomic Design: Functional, Fashionable, Family-Oriented. Our product is designed to increase comfort for everyone. The detachable head pillow supports the baby's head and gives incomparable comfort.

M-Position: Not only is the carrier comfortable for baby, it hold your child in the Hip-Dysplasia Institute recommended M-Position to support healthy hip development.

Side-Pocket: A spacious expandable side-pocket to conveniently store anything you need!

Stowable: Fits into most tote-bags and carry on luggage for travel convenience!

Other Features:

- Ventilated Protective Hood: a small hood hidden inside the head cushion zips out to provide protection from the sun and other elements!

- Coverable Air-Mesh: Coverable mesh on the front and back allow for year-round comfort. Cover when cold, roll-up when hot for instant temperature/humidity control.

Ultra Performance Fabric

  • Light Gray
  • Navy
  • Dark Gray

Bebefit Convertible Hip-Seat Carrier Teething Pad Set

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